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Write to Die is the first novel in the Jessica Kallan mystery series. Debut author, Susan C. Richards, sets the stage for Jessica and her new boss, author Ethan Miller, to untangle a murder that has been lying dead for twenty years.

Best-selling author, Ethan Miller, hasn’t given an interview in over ten years. So why now? Why is he finally willing to break his silence? Those probably would have been good questions for investigative reporter, Jessica Kallan, to ask before she went traipsing off to Ethan’s secluded estate in Southern Missouri.

Ethan’s dysfunctional household is less than enthusiastic about Jess’s arrival and it doesn’t take her long to figure out why.

The subject of Ethan’s latest project—his next book—is a murder that took place on his estate twenty years earlier. When Ethan announces to his family that he is hiring Jess to be his researcher, it’s like a dream come true for her.

The Miller household is outraged about Ethan’s book and the painful memories it will resurrect, and Jess soon realizes that their fears run deeper than what appears on the surface as she finds they all have secrets—they all have something to hide.

When another young woman dies in a freakish accident, Jess can’t help but wonder if it is somehow related to the decades old cold-case. As she delves further into the original murder, a killer is once again unleashed and will do whatever it takes to stop Jess’s investigation. Can Jess stop the killer before she becomes the next victim?


Susan Richards weaves the past and present together in a compelling mystery. Just when you think you’ve figured out who the killer is, up pops another suspect.

–Mary Marks, bestselling author of A Quilting Mystery series.