A twenty-year old murder resurrects a killer, as Investigative Reporter, Jessica Kallan, helps to find justice for the man she thinks was wrongfully convicted of the crime.
As she unravels the original cold-case, two other people wind up dead.  Can she find the killer before she becomes the next victim?
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Jessica Kallan and author, Ethan Miller, are together again—and right in the middle of another murder. The book tour for Ethan’s latest novel has ended with a week-long reunion and fundraising event at a small private women’s college. Who knew, such an innocent gathering, would end in murder?

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COMING SOON – On Sale 9/6/22!

Liz McCallister, her sister, Meredith, and their cousin, Fred, are the last generation of a wealthy family—old money, deep roots and dysfunctional as hell, until Liz finds her sister murdered in her lake home.  And then there were two.

 As Liz searches to find what had been going on in her sister’s life that got her murdered, she finds more secrets about their family than she ever could have imagined and that some people will do anything to keep their secret hidden.

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